Sunday, March 1, 2009

Weekly Weigh in - Amanda

I think that everyone in their weight loss journey has to have "one of those weeks." So this last week happened to be my "week." I did not lose any weight, but thankful that I didn't gain any weight either. I decided that sweets were a must have every day at lunch with a diet soda. I'm not quite sure what I was thinking.

I did manage to complete all of my running for the week, but this weekend I came down with a cold, and wasn't able to complete my 8 mile run on Saturday for the fact that I couldn't breathe. So basically this past week sucked. I have made a new determination that next week will be much better. I am planning out my meals for the week and swearing off the soda (I didn't actually start drinking so much until I started running...weird.) Hopefully next post will be much more positive with better results. Good luck to everyone else!

1 comment:

  1. It's true! Everyone has those weeks, I've had months like that in the past where I'm doing everything right and I lose no weight. You just have to stick with it!

    Good luck, you are doing great!