Monday, April 27, 2009

Fun Fact - Stacy

No real big news to update. Still trying to get to 70lbs lost, have 4 to go. I did go through my closet this weekend and got rid of 5 big trash bags full of clothes. My closet is empty and I am sad but it def needed to be done. Fun fact though....I can fit in my 9th grade cheer uniform haha!! I really didn't think I was as small (small being relative to my former weight lol) as I was in high school. First I tried on my dress I wore to my high school graduation, yes I still have it, hence the need to clean out the closet, it was actually a little too big. Sadly the main place it was too big was the chest area. Of course the one area of my body I don't have enough boobs are the first to go haha! But thats long as it keeps coming off everywhere else too. So anyway then I saw the cheer uniform, and it was from the 9th grade and I really thought there was no way it would fit but I thought what the heck, I'll see if I can get it past my thighs. Well I got it all the way and and zipped...shock and one thing I do know for sure, I am def taller than I was in high school...although the suit zipped it was way shorter than I remember haha! p.s. super horrible picture of a picture off my was all I had but I thought it was funny enough it needed to be shared!


  1. Congratulations!!!!! Keep up the good don't think I can fit into my grad dress...hmmm must go back to the 'rents place and have it on hand for perfect testing of goals!

    Thanks for the idea!!!