Friday, April 3, 2009

Update! {Erin}

So my weight loss blog friends..... Amanda, Lynne & Stacy your girls are rocking this weight loss train! I really wish I could report such great news! But unfortunately, the weight is not coming off. It could possibly be due to the fact that I sleep maybe 3-4 hours a night & I stay STRESSED OUT. The way I have always dealt with this lack of sleep & stress is to eat, shop & drink coffee. All three are very very bad habits. Hopefully I can kick a couple of these soon.

I have been making an effort to go to the gym at least 3-4 times a week which is a big change for me. I really enjoy going to the gym, my favorite time to go is in the middle of my favorite tv lineup, that way it is really easy for me to keep going! This week I was not able to go to the gym at all bc I have way to much to complete.

Well now that I have stated all of the negatives, I will leave you with a few positive things I have done. On the business side, I have made a budget & business plan so hopefully soon I will be down to one job! I also attended my first international wedding conference (wppi). And my business is booming more then ever! On the personal side I finished my first 2 5k's in the last 2 months which is something I have never tried but was inspired by all my friends that love to run! I also got two of my friends & roommates to join my gym with me, so they have helped a lot. (thanks girls).

I am thinking I will try a few new things this month... I am going to make my goal to be asleep no latter then 12:30am. Try to stick to and add points for Weight Watchers! Lastly, I am going to try & make at least 1 day this month all about ME!

Hopefully next time I will have amazing news to share! I love you all & thank you for all of your support! Oh and one more thing, I am so excited I have my first coed softball game on Sunday! I just love playing sports! Until next time! Wish me luck......


  1. So glad to see you finally posting, whether good or bad. So proud that you have been making it to the gym and that you are devoting a day to yourself. You definitely deserve it! Baby steps will still lead you where you need to go.

  2. Well I can't imagine working 2 jobs like you do. Maybe instead of trying to do everything at once...getting to the gym, drastic diet change, things like that, focus on changing one thing first. Like no more soft drinks or no fast food, something small but doable. After you get one thing down add another. Thats the way I started. I cut out soft drinks before I worried about anything else. That way maybe you won't be overwhelmed by everything. Especially with all you have going on in your professional life. I get tired just reading everything you do on facebook. I really like the whole idea of devoting a day to yourself! I may have to adopt that one. And kudos on making it to the gym, I know it's hard to fit it in your schedule. Keep up the good work!