Sunday, February 22, 2009

Competition: Part 1 - Lynne

We have decided to engage in a bit of "friendly competition" to see who among us has lost the most percentage of weight, and the results will be posted monthly. Although almost all of us have been on the road to weight loss for quite some time, the results here will be based on losses since the beginning of the year (January 2009) in order to start off fresh. Also, I will be posting percentages of weight lost and not actual pounds, as some of the girls may not want to post their actual weights.

Here are the first set of results:

Amanda: 7.94%
Erin: N/A
Lynne: 7.65%
Stacy: 3.13%

AMANDA is our winner this month with the most percentage of weight lost! Congratulations, Amanda, your hard work and dedication is paying off! Keep it up!

Good luck to each of you this coming month!

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