Thursday, February 5, 2009

No Miracle Cure

I have fought a losing battle with my weight since elementary school. I think I have tried every diet out there; the grapefruit juice diet, the cabbage diet, the Atkins diet, NutriSystem, and many more all without any success. I would lose a few pounds but as soon as I start eating  regular food again I would gain what little weight I'd lost back. I have realized there is no miracle cure for being fat! My sister joined the YMCA last year and started going to a class twice a week. She loved it. It wasn't at a time that I could go to so she started doing it a few times a week for some of the women in our church. After a few months of that with really no change in my weight, but I did feel better, I joined the Y. I would come over twice a week for a water aerobics class. After a few weeks of that and just getting comfortable going to the gym I signed up with a personal trainer. She had me keep a food diary and started me on cardio. I saw immediate results. Then we started meeting for strength training. I have been working with her since July. As of my last progress session I had lost 55 lbs, 24 inches and 10% of my body fat. Now I focus on portion control and making healthy decisions when it comes to food. I no longer drink any kind of soft drink and very rarely eat fast food. I have started eating more whole wheat foods, lean protein and green vegetables. It's not about being on a 'diet' anymore. I am eating the way I should have been eating my whole life. I don't deny my cravings, but when I start wanting chocolate I get a few dark chocolate chips out of the bag in my fridge and not only have I satisfied my craving but I get all the good anti-oxidants that dark chocolate has. When I want something from Mickey D's I just get a Happy Meal.  I am learning to be smart about food. I still have a long way to go, but now it doesn't seem impossible. 

I am going Ireland the summer of 2010 and I want to have lost 75-100lbs.

I am so excited to have the support of three of the most amazing people I have ever met! I can't wait to see us all when we have accomplished our goals.

Stacy Lou - Arkansas


  1. Congratulations Stacy! Your 2008 photo looks great! I'm really proud of all of you! I really like the way you're thinking about food and health's not about dieting; it's about making healthy choices. Not only for your body, but for your mind and emotional health as well.

  2. Stacy, you are doing so amazing, and seeing you in December was a big inspiration for me to keep going with my journey. It really is all about the choices that we make with the food that we eat, and I WISH I could have figured this out years ago!

    Good luck on your journey, and we WILL both reach our goals by the time we head to Ireland!